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The Centre is dedicated to addressing the challenges and effects of financial crime and threat finance to the UK and international security.

Since launching in 2014 the CFCS has quickly become the partner of choice for those wanting to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of current approaches to tackling financial crime and threat finance.

In order to achieve a step-change in the effectiveness of responses to financial crime, the CFCS aims to transform the public and private sector approach to tackling financial crime and threat finance. To achieve this we conduct empirical research and analysis to develop a strong evidence base on which policymakers and practitioners can develop improved practice. 

CFCS work is thus characterised by a constant emphasis on the risk-based approach, the role of public/private partnerships, information sharing and effectiveness.



The team’s research is focused on:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of UK and international financial crime responses, including improved information sharing and public/private partnerships
  • Rethinking approaches to terrorist financing
  • Researching the design and implementation of sanctions
  • Addressing corruption and professional enablers
  • Assessing digital age challenges to countering financial crime
  • Partnering across the Institute on issues such as human trafficking, illegal wildlife trade, and proliferation finance where a financial dimension can enhance RUSI’s research output


  • CFCS hosts regular events (both on- and off-the-record) on key issues in financial crime and threat finance
  • Gives evidence to both UK and international parliamentary enquiries
  • Publishes regular reports and commentaries for RUSI
  • Contributes to print and broadcast media


Amongst a variety of projects, the CFCS is developing research on the ‘Cartography of Compliance’, assessing the ways in which financial institutions tackle compliance requirements as well as typologies of lone actor/small cell terrorist financing.

 In line with the objective to disseminate global best practice the CFCS has collaborated with government bodies in the review of the UK’s Suspicious Activity Reports regime and the subsequent focus on information sharing as well as a review of the UK’s Asset Seizure provisions and their use by law enforcement.  The CFCS continues to support the UK government in devising and implementing the U.K. Anti-Money Laundering Action Plan.

The CFCS collaborates with the broader RUSI team in the development of a Counter Proliferation Finance project assessing the effectiveness of the global effort to disrupt proliferation via the global financial system and studying financing issues related to Foreign Terrorist Fighters, efforts to counter ISIL, Illegal Wildlife and Human Trafficking.

In partnership with the Institute’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy team, the CFCS has just launched a new programme focused on the design and implementation of sanctions programmes.

A brochure with more details can be found here.


Florence Keen
Research Analyst
Tom Keatinge
Director, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI

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