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As a research-led institution, all RUSI activity is intrinsically linked to our world-class research base. Noted for its quality, RUSI analysis is reinforced by an ethos of accuracy, objectivity and policy relevance.

RUSI maintains a wide range of multidisciplinary research specialisms. It focuses on the areas of Military Sciences, International Security Studies, National Security and Resilience Studies, Nuclear Proliferation, Financial Crime and Defence, Industries and Society.

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RUSI has over thirty in-house analysts and experts in their fields, and is enhanced by an extensive network of eminent Senior Associate Fellows and its own Council.

Defence, Industries and Society

This research group facilitates an evidence-based understanding of the place of industries in Western defence and wider society. It deploys RUSI's authoritative research base to produce independent studies in this area.

International Security Studies

RUSI's International Security Studies research group monitors security and foreign policy developments in countries and regions throughout the world.

Military Sciences

The Military Sciences research group examines the utility of military power from strategic concepts to technical platforms.

National Security and Resilience Studies

Exploring innovative approaches to the protection of citizens, society, the state and infrastructure.

Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

The Proliferation and Nuclear Policy team provides detailed analysis and in-depth research relating to contemporary international nuclear dynamics.

Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

The Centre is dedicated to addressing the challenges and effects of financial crime and threat finance to the UK and international security.

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